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In 2003 Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) celebrated the 90th anniversary of its foundation. Over the years RS has coped with ever-changing challenges and has gained incontestable authority and worldwide recognition. Today, the assignment of the RS class to a ship is a confirmation of the fact that the technical condition of the ship ensures her safe operation and protection of the marine environment from pollution.

RS as a recognized organization fully complies with all applicable international requirements including the requirements of IMO resolutions A.739(18) and A.789(19), Council Directive 94/57/EC, EN 45004 and ISO 9001, which is confirmed by the international certificates of compliance issued by results of RS audits and certification.

The RS has a global network of representations and regional offices. More than 1600 highly qualified specialists carry out all the tasks relating to safe navigation, safety of life at sea and pollution prevention.

The realization of the programs of Russian fleet revival and exploitation of offshore raw material resources requires creation of different types of transport ships, ships of technical fleet and offshore ice-strengthened installations, which have no analogues in the world.

The target program developed by the RS for supporting Russian designers, shipbuilders and owners is aimed at maintaining high standards of safety at sea.

All the RS activities are based on profound, systematic scientific research. The RS cooperates with research institutes, design offices and higher educational establishments. The RS research work is coordinated with the participation of the Scientific and Technical Council. The RS research work plan for is aimed at further improvement of the RS normative and technical base.

The RS proceeding from the latest research studies develops new requirements for icebreakers and ice-strengthened ships. The purpose of the work is to elaborate the unified requirements of the International Association of Classification Societies and the Polar Code of the International Maritime Organization. The new classification of icebreakers and ice-strengthened ships is an outcome of the RS and the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute joint work. Together with the Makarov State Maritime Academy and the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute the RS has developed strength standards for propellers and propeller shafts. Much attention is paid to development of the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Fixed Offshore Installations (including ice-strengthened ones).

The RS has gained 45 years' experience in applying the normative document "Strength Standards for Sea-Going Ships", which regulates direct strength calculations.

Scientific research is significant for the certification of industrial products and quality, environmental and safety management systems.

The RS takes an active part in preparing and performing certification of shipping companies and ships for compliance with the International Management Code for Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code). The RS has been authorized by the RF Maritime Administration and Maritime Administrations of other countries to perform certification of shipping companies and ships for compliance with the ISM Code.

The compliance of ship design, construction and operation with the international conventions and standards is essential for the prevention of marine casualties. The problem of promoting safety at sea involves the estimation of risks for humans at sea. The application of safety assessment procedures in conjunction with the ISM Code can significantly increase the safety of fleet operation, since the implementation of the ISM Code will minimize the errors due to the human element.

The RS is increasingly involved in the development and certification of quality management systems of enterprises and product certification in various branches of industry and service industries. The RS has gained the unique experience in ensuring high standards of safety at industrial enterprises and transport, property safety and environmental protection, which permits the management level and effectiveness of activities of the enterprises to be raised.

Particular attention is paid to the personnel training. There are a Centre for the RS personnel training and a department branch of St.Petersburg State Maritime Technical University in the Head Office.

I would like to express profound thanks to the RS staff for highly efficient work. I am confident that every member of the staff taking an active part in the work will make a valuable contribution to strengthening the position of the RS, a leading international classification society.